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Emergency Ambulance

Emergency Ambulance

When a loved one is in desperate need of emergency care what’s most important is time. The speed at which medical help arrives can be the difference between life and death. In our community nobody responds faster than LifeFleet to a trauma scene or medical emergency such as a stroke or heart attack.


Emergency Ambulance

Non-Emergency Ambulance

LifeFleet provides non-emergency transportation for patients to and from the hospital, to rehabilitation and wellness clinics, or to doctors’ appointments. Additionally we provide transportation to bariatric patients requiring special care. Our personnel also come to patients’ residences to perform such services as blood sugar testing, cardiac monitoring, general wellness checks, blood pressure testing, lift assists and the checking of vital signs.


LifeFleet is equipped for Critical Care

Critical Care Transport

For patients requiring a higher level of care than a regular ambulance can provide, LifeFleet responds with one of its fully equipped mobile Critical Care Transport vehicles. Each of our “emergency rooms on wheels” is staffed by medical personnel trained to meet the critical needs of adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. Special on-board equipment includes ventilators, IV pumps, C-PAP and Pacemaker.


A LifeFleet team member transporting a patient in a wheelchair.

Wheelchair Transportation

From pick-up to drop-off LifeFleet is committed to providing on-time, safe door-to-door transportation to patients requiring transportation to doctors’ appointments or routine medical services. Each of our vans is designed to pass the American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

Our professional drivers respond promptly and treat every patient with the dignity and respect they deserve. They are fully experienced in helping passengers with limited mobility or other special needs and have completed standard CPR and First Aid Training. Also, we go beyond what is required and each transport carries an Automatic External Defibrillator as standard equipment.


LifeFleet's Disaster Management Trailer

Disaster Management Trailer

When disaster strikes – natural or man-made – LifeFleet is the only privately owned ambulance company in the area that can respond with a fully equipped Disaster Management Trailer. When a large number of people are affected by catastrophes such as tornadoes, floods or fires we are prepared to help on a large-scale level with medical supplies, equipment, blankets, water and shelter.


LifeFleet's Caregiver Scheduler

Scheduler for Caregivers

The Scheduler section of LifeFleet’s website allows caregivers to easily schedule and keep track of pickups online. This state-of-the-art technology is just another example of how LifeFleet responds to the needs of the families and communities we serve.