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LifeFleet Transporter Goes Above and Beyond

April 27, 2011

Yesterday, June 7, I was taken to Cleveland Clinic for a FULL day of testing and doctors visits. LifeFleet transport was used with Marlene as the driver.

I would like you to be informed of what a stellar employee she is. The day began at 8 A.M. with my first appointment being at 10 A.M. We returned at 7 P.M.

Because of my past medical history, organization/memory are not my mental strengths. Marlene was absolutely the opposite, thankfully.

The day called for us to go from building to building. Marlene has no trouble locating needed building. Considering the size of Cleveland Clinic, each building is a maze of hallways. I would have gotten lost MANY times, were I alone. Marlene was an instant guide maneuvering through the maze.

Our trip returning caught us in rush hour traffic. Never once was Marlene lost/angry/frustrated. She was not only my transport but also my guide/companion.

She deserves whatever accolades your company offers.

Linda Maiorana of Liberty, OH