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Compassionate Employees

January 14, 2014

I just wanted to write and compliment the service of two of your employees.  On December 19th I had to have my father transported to Northside for a follow up appointment.  My father has been very ill and had to remain on the gurney the entire time.  I know that your employees had to remain with my father and I at all times because it is the rule since he was still on the gurney but they went beyond that.  Both Steve and John went out of their way to be kind and considerate during the transport, exam period and the return to my father’s room at the facility he is at.  They made conversation to help lighten the moment and to explain anything that was going on that we may not have understood.  My father is 6’6″ and they did their best to assure his comfort.  It helped me greatly to feel more at ease with them there.  I appreciate the efforts made by them to treat my father with respect.  Please be sure to congratulate them on representing your company in such a good light.  I am sure I will see them again in the future as Dad has used your service many a time.