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Thanks for Your Support

May 13, 2013

On behalf of Liberty Health Care we would like to thank you for your donation and support for our food drive to benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank.  On May 1st our facility weighed in at 2,456 lbs.  Over one ton of food!  It was only possible through donations from you and our community that this goal was reached.  Thank you again for your help.

Liberty Health Care Staff

Lifefleet Stands By at Hubbard Fire

The Eagle Joint Fire District sends our sincere thanks for your participation and assistance that was rendered during the fire call on 4/27/13 at the Babcock Lumber Co.

The term “Mutual Aid” was never more evident as it was shown in the cooperation and team work of establishing a water shuttle that provided copious amounts of water to the lead apparatus.

Special thanks also to those Air Base personnel that were on scene for SCBA refilling and to Lifefleet for standing by at the scene.


The members of The Eagle Joint Fire District

Thanks from the Youngstown Road Runners Club

Thank you so much for your contribution to the Mill Creek Distance Classic.  Everyone felt better knowing there was a staffed ambulance at the race.  The event was very successful and we were able to raise several thousand dollars for our YSU Scholarship Foundation.

Thanks from the Youngstown Road Runners Club

Rick Hart – Race Director