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“There within minutes…”

April 26, 2011

I would like to express to you my thanks for the efforts of your paramedics in a recent dealing I had with them. On April 22nd my grandfather, who has many health problems, was in need of an ambulance to transport him to the hospital for a non-life threatening situation. We decided that instead of calling 911 we would call LifeFleet as my mother has a working relationship with you through her work at Park Vista. On a previous occasion we had called 911 for my grandfather and waited almost an hour before an ambulance arrived. With you, however, the ambulance was there within minutes of receiving the call. My grandfather was in extreme pain and while not in need of life saving care was extremely uncomfortable. Your paramedics treated him with the utmost respect and dignity which mean a lot to me, as I know how hard it is for him to accept help from people.

While at the house, on Landsdown, they took the effort to say hi and introduce themselves as well as even take a few seconds to say hi to his seven month old great grandson who he and my grandmother had been watching. After having problems with paramedics when calling 911 it was a relief to know he was in good hand with your guys at LifeFleet.

I would like to THANK YOU again for the efforts of your paramedics in dealing with my grandfather.

-William Duckworth of Youngstown State University