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Above the call of duty

January 14, 2016

To whom it may concern:


I just needed to tell you about our experience with Life Fleet.  My mother is in St. Mary’s in Columbiana, OH and she needed to go to the emergency room. My mom has dementia and the thought of her riding in the ambulance, well I wasn’t sure what would happen.  The two men who were on duty were wonderful with her. I did get their names it was Kevin and John. They were so kind with her and put her at ease. What could have been a traumatic experience for my mom turn out well. The last time she had rode in an ambulance it took hours to calm her down but not this time.  When it was time for her to leave the emergency room to my surprise it was Kevin and John who came and transported her back.  They both went beyond normal courtesy and I wanted to share my experience.  I told them that I wished I could of given them a medal. I wanted to buy them coffee and donuts but of course they would not except. They said that they were nothing special that they were just doing their jobs but I know otherwise.  So please relay my thanks again to them and know they are two outstanding employees that should be recognized.


Thank you and God Bless,

Dave and Anita Marker (Anna Coleman’s Family)


Out of their way

November 11, 2015

Lousie Ingram saw a nurse having car issues at Campus healthcare and without a second thought helped her out.

She jumped her car and the nurse was set to go!

Thanks Louise!

Thank You, Thank You


I want to thank you personally for the spectacular outing your driver Joey gave me last Thursday! The colors in the park were beautiful and the ducks and geese were phenomenal. Your driver was not  that familiar with the park and it was a pleasure to share it with him. I know that park like the back of my hand. It was also very interesting to see the changes on Route 224.

It was a pleasure to be able to get out of the building for a couple hours. The chair that I am in is larger than traditional wheelchairs, but your driver figured out a way to get me on the ramp, and make my ride more enjoyable and comfortable.


Gary Lowe

2015 Fall Festival

September 29, 2015

Dear Friends of Liberty Health Care Center

Our Fall Festival was a huge success! We would like to sincerely Thank You for your generous donation. We would not be able to accomplish this event each year without your time and efforts. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you as well as planning for next year’s festival.

Should there ever be an opportunity where we could assist you in any way please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Annalee Hutchison