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A Mother’s Thanks

June 15, 2011

To the crew that helped my daughter,

On Wednesday, May 11 my daughter suddenly passed out while playing with her grandparents. After calling 911, a very nice crew arrived to help her and get us to the hospital. My daughter is home and back to her happy, healthy self. I know in times of stress we want to hear our child is going to be fine. I asked lots of questions trying to reassure myself my daughter would be fine. The man that rode in the back with us kept calm, therefore calming me, and gave me honest answers to my many, many questions.

I wanted to thank you for your quick response and care that you gave my daughter. As a mom of healthy children, you never expect to get “that call.” I hope to never get that call again. I always say a prayer when I see or hear an ambulance go by. It used to be for the patient. After my experience it will now be for all inside.

As a first responder you are under a lot of pressure and it takes a very special person to do your job. I know I could never do it. Thank you again for caring for my daughter. (And I’m sure my parents too!)

-Tammy Thomson